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You deserve to be pampered – and Aesthetics' by Kentrina's at the Georgetown Massage and Wellness is the perfect destination for relaxation. Enjoy one of the many services now being offered: Facials, waxing, or rejuvenating packages with both a Massage and Skin care.

Skin Care Operator:

Kendra Brown has been working in the Skin care and Waxing business for twenty five years.
A graduate of Elizabeth Grady's on Newbury St in Boston, Kendra worked for Elizabeth Grady's for ten years. She went on to start her own Skin care business in North Attleboro, in 1996. She has now relocated her residents to the Rocks Village section of Haverhill and is excited to be offering her Skin care services to the residents of the Georgetown/Groveland surrounding area.
Indulge in any of the following treatments:
  • Deep Cleansing Signature Facial - $65
     A classic European facial customized to individual skin types.  The treatment begins with a  
     steam, deep poor cleansing, followed by a face and neck massage and concludes with a relaxing   
     facial mask
  • Replenishing Facial - $70
      An enhanced treatment designed to gently exfoliate and rehydrate the skin
  • Collagen Facial - $75
     This deluxe treatment is excellent for mature or sun damaged skin showing signs of
      dehydration. It will help improve elasticity, firmness and work on deep hydration.
  • Four Layer Facial - $85
      This unique treatment is designed to rehydrate, remineralize and rebalance the skin by utilizing the
      therapeutic properties of the sea.  This treatment will leave your skin with a visibly renewed   
      moisture and afterglow.
  • Back Facial Treatment - $70
      A way to help an area all too neglected.  This treatment is the signature facial for the hard-to-reach
      area of the back.  Ideal for blemish-prone skin or someone looking to feel confident about their back
  • Glycolic Treatment - $40            6 Glycolic Treatment Package- $200
      A result orientated treatment designed to diminish fine lines, control oiliness as well as breakouts. 
      The rapid exfoliation increases the renewal rate of your cells, bringing a brighter cleaner skin.  For
      maximum results a series of six glycolic treatments is recommended.
  • Eye Treatment - $25                   Facial and Eye Treatment - $80
      Collagen is used to renourich the delicate area around the eyes.  A gentle lympe drainage and
      pressure point massage relieves tension and helps reduce puffiness.
  • Pre-teen and Teen Facial - $60
      A lifetime of healthy skin begins with the right informaiton and good skin care.  This treatment is
      designed to give pre-teens and teens (ages 10-16) the basics of good skin care.  The treatment will
      include a thorough cleansing, steaming, extraction, massage and mask.  Home care instructions
      will be provided.

  • Waxing for hair removal services: Kentrina's Aesthetics does expert waxing using only the highest quality Azulene Bees Wax.
     Eyes and Face Waxing
     Brows - $14
     Lip - $12
     Chin - $10
     Complete Face - $40
     Face Wax (Chin, Lip and Brow) - $28
     Arm Waxing:
     Underarm - $20 - Lower Arm Waxing - $42 - Complete Arm Waxing - $60
     Bikini Waxing:
     Bikini Waxing - $25 - Bikini with Tummy Waxing - $33
     Leg Waxing:
     Lower Leg Wax - $50 - Upper Leg Wax - $55 - Complete Leg - $85
     Back Wax:
     Back Waxing - $55  - Chest Waxing - $30  -  Stomach Waxing - $35

15% discount for all NEW Client's

Treat yourself, your friends or family - Gift certificates are available!
Call 978-352-7677 at the Georgetown Massage and Wellness center for appointments. Appointments can also be booked on line. 
Book with Kendra for all of your Skin care services!
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